7 Tips to Keep Your E-Bike Safe and Secure

Buying a secure lock for your e-bike is a good security measure, but you want to try some other techniques to protect your investment. Below are some tips that can help you make your e-bike more secure.


Ideally, you want to choose a public place to park your e-bike. Bikes are less prone to theft in public spaces as they cannot break the lock in the presence of many people. Also, it is not a good idea to keep your bike locked somewhere for the whole day or night. In addition, you can look for safe things to lock your bike, such as a bike parking area, a street sign or tree, a fence or a railing.

High traffic area

It is a good idea to park your e-bike in a public place, but not all public spaces are good for this purpose. Park your bike where parking is allowed. This is more important if you are going to park more than one bike.


It is a good idea to protect your helmet as well. For ease, you should secure it on your bike. If your bike has detachable, you may want to take it with you. As a matter of fact, some detaches can be removed from the bike more easily.


When your bike is at home, you may want to keep it in your garage, under a tarp or shed. Usually, thieves penetrate a building or house and rinse things around. So, you might not want to let them spot your bike.

serial number

You may want to note the serial number of your bike. If your bike is stolen, the serial number will be asked by the police so that they can locate your bike. Typically, the serial number can be found below the bracket number. It is also a good idea to hide your contact information by sticking it somewhere on the bike, such as under a seat tube or handlebar.

Smartphone tracking

This developing technology is part of some e-bikes, and you can add some systems to your bike. In fact, GPS tracking can help locate your bike if it is lost or stolen. With this cool feature, you can find out where your e-bike is at a specific time. Apart from this, you may also want to add an alarm to your bike, which will alert you if someone tries to tamper with the vehicle.

Get e-bike insurance

As an additional safety feature, you want to get e-bike insurance. This insurance policy will provide better coverage than a homeowners insurance policy. Therefore, we highly recommend that you consider purchasing this insurance policy.

Long story short, if you want to secure your e-bike, we suggest you keep the above suggestions in mind. This will ensure that your bike is safe and that you do not bother to park it.