AIS Home Insurance: Is it the right choice for you?

Your Homeowners insurance policy Protects your home, your property and your family. But your property security is only as good as yours insurance carrier. Before you buy one AIS Home insurance policy, Let’s check all the pros and cons AIS Insurance Solutions.

AIS ()Auto insurance specialist) Is an independent insurance brokerage that joined the industry in 1968 car insurance California people. today, AIS Calls himself “your insurance industry insider” and puts on his 50+ Years of Experience Do the packing Policy holders In all 50 states with the best Insurance companyCoverage, coverage and cost based on them Need insurance. basically, AIS Do all the dirty work — comparing policies, price shopping, talking to insurers — so you don’t have to.

AIS And is a wholly owned subsidiary of its sister company, PolySec Mercury Casualty Company (known as Mercury Insurance), which means Mercury owns AIS And its stock. It should not affect your transaction with the company Policy holder. However, some customers claim complaints AIS Mercury pushed them to choose policies, even when they were not the cheapest available option.

To get a AIS Home insurance Quote, you can enter your information online, and AIS Will contact you with an agent and email you with more options to purchase the policy.

But if you are looking for quick and comprehensive insurance quotes, AIS Probably won’t do the trick. Your home, auto and Life insurance rate.

Compare Home Insurance Quotes in 2 Minutes

AIS Home insurance The partners

When buying AIS Home insurance Or any other Insurance products, It is important to know AIS Does not outline its own policies, which means AIS Does not really provide your insurance coverage. As brokerage, AIS Works for consumers, matching capability Policy holders With their best fit insurance policy (As opposed Insurance company, Who provide insurance protection to consumers). Even if you buy Home insurance Through this AIS, Your insurance provider Really would be one AISInsurance partners.

AISOf Home insurance Partners include:

  • American Modern Insurance Group
  • Archer general Insurance company
  • Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance
  • Burns and Wilcox
  • Carnegie General Insurance
  • Century National Insurance
  • Chubb
  • First American Insurance
  • The most important insurance group
  • The hartford
  • Anant Insurance
  • International Insurance Group
  • Liberty Mutual Insurance
  • MAPFRE Insurance
  • Mercury Insurance
  • Metlife
  • National general insurance
  • Nationwide
  • Pacific Specialty Insurance
  • Plymouth Rock Assurance
  • Progressive
  • RLI Insurance company
  • Safeco Insurance
  • Stillwater Insurance Group
  • The traveler

After AIS You get a policy, your AIS Insurance Agent Will go to all the details, including Insurance company Will provide its coverage. You should research the customer satisfaction rating of any potential provider before signing any contract, and you can choose a different provider and policy if you prefer not to. AISFirst pick of.

Components of a AIS Home insurance policy

AIS Finds the most favorable policy based on each Policyholder’s Coverage needs and cost preferences. Any policy AIS Offer must include:

Asset coverage

most basic homeowners The policy starts with housing coverage and coverage of other structures. These options ensure that the physical structure of your home, along with your garage, pool, driveway, gazebo, and any fence on your property, is included in the case. property damage.

Personal property coverage

Comes next personal property Coverage, which pays for the repair or replacement of your most Valuable asset After a natural disaster or break-in (although if you want to insure expensive jewelry or fine arts, you will need to purchase additional coverage).

Loss of usage coverage

Known as additional living expenses (ALE) coverage, it pays for living expenses for your family (such as a stay in a hotel) if a covered loss makes your home useless. Some policies provide different types of coverage for loss of use and ALE, so check to see what the policy actually pays for you and what it doesn’t do before purchasing.

Personal liability coverage

liability insurance your share homeowners The policy protects your family from legal action when someone injures your property. Whether your dog bites a neighbor or a delivery driver slips on your porch, personal liability Are you covered

Each of these coverage options is important for the safety of your property and family, but each homeowners Policy and company are different, and some do not automatically include all of these components. since AIS Does not underwrite insurance policies, You may need to extend your policy with additional medical payment or loss of usage coverage, depending on which Insurance company AIS Searches for you

Optional coverage for you AIS Home insurance policy

With someone insurance policy, You have the option of purchasing additional policies to fill any gaps in your coverage. General extra protection AIS Can help you include:

personal injury

This support, also known as personal crime policy, protects your family from legal action regarding libel, slander, wrongful expulsion and similar matters.

Flood insurance

Home insurance policies According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, floods do not cover the damage caused, but 90 percent of America’s natural disasters include flooding. Depending on the location of your home, you may qualify for private or federally supported flood insurance.

Earthquake insurance

Ground movements – earthquakes, landslides, and soil liquefaction – are excluded from Home insurance coverage. If you live in an earthquake-prone area, an earthquake policy can save you from paying thousands of dollars in repairs.

Scheduled coverage

It provides additional protection for precious items such as jewelry, furs, and fine art homeowners Coverage is not included.

Extended replacement cost

It ensures your Insurance company Will cover the cost of the rebuild in the event of a total loss, even if the cost of the repair exceeds your policy limit.

AIS Can help you find the cheapest policies for you Home insurance And additional coverage, but keep in mind that your options are only as economical AISIs a partner of Shopping for rates when it comes to policies like earthquake and flood insurance – where the location of your home can pay you from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars for basic coverage. Independent agent On your own you can help find a lower premium.

Discount available

since AIS Sounds best Insurance products Depending on their specific requirements for customers, the company itself cannot offer a discount. AIS However, proud to ensure that customers got the best bang for their bucks, he said, “Our agents are here, available every price-break.”

On its website, AIS Lists possible discounts for home and Auto insurance policy With own bundling Insurance products (Which can save you up to 15 percent on your policies) and installing a home alarm system (which saves you up to two percent Home insurance) is.

AIS There is also a referral program for existing customers. To get a quote with whoever refers to friends and family AIS (And mentions the name and number of the current customer) gets a $ 25 digital gift card.

AIS Home insurance Review: Customer Satisfaction

  • Better Business Bureau Rating: A +

Big contrast Insurance company, AIS JD Power is not a customer satisfaction rating, AM Best rating, or Moody’s Financial Strength rating, which can replace potential customers AIS For insurance services.

still, AIS Customers rate the company and its services overall well, with four- and five-star ratings across platforms such as Yelp and Google Review. Customers leaving five-star ratings mainly attributed their happiness. AIS Along with the ease of purchasing policies with the company AISThe ability to reduce their premium.

AIS There are various locations, and some customers reported great experiences with their local AIS Agents but with less-than-favorable experiences AIS Overall as a company.

A common source of confusion between the lower grade reviews was the difference AISResponsibilities and insurance providerResponsibilities. This is particularly evident in reviews regarding the claims process as in any insurance claims. Policy holders The file goes to the company that provides insurance coverage. while AIS Helps customers find insurance coverage, AIS It does not, therefore, issue its own policies and is, therefore, not involved in the claim process.

Other one-star reviews dissatisfied customers over price increases. Various customers claim AIS They had to pay significantly higher premium charges after discussing their rates increase or fewer options without proper notification. still, AIS Is quick to respond to customer complaints and works to resolve any problems quickly and directly.

Frequently Asked Questions – AIS Homeowners Insurance

Does AIS offer the cheapest home insurance rate?

Not necessarily. AIS aims to connect customers with the cheapest coverage for their home and insurance needs. Since AIS operates with a relatively small network of insurance companies (40 companies in total, 25 of which offer property insurance), you may qualify for a cheaper premium with an insurer that is not an AIS partner.

Does AIS have local offices?

AIS has 16 locations in California, but all offices are closed until further notice due to COVID-19. The best way to contact an AIS agent is through the company’s sales and customer service lines.

Can I bundle motorcycle insurance with an AIS home insurance policy?

Yes, AIS can help you bundle your insurance policies, including home, auto, and motorcycle insurance. AIS also provides services to help customers find business insurance and life insurance if you are looking for even more savings.

Best way to save on Home insurance

AIS can help you take advantage of cheap premiums with a great provider. But you can check out Insurify’s comparison tool as well here.

AIS Insurance Overview

AIS has been in the insurance game for over 50 years, and it shows through the company’s ability to maximize savings and provide stellar customer service. Keep in mind that AIS can help you find the lowest premium among their partners, but you may get cheaper home insurance rates outside the AIS region. Before you buy AIS home insurance, remember that AIS is just the middle man, and the AIS agent who helps you secure your policy is not the same as you would with an insurance company for future claims. .

The department Contact
customer service 1 (800) 493-7879
The sale 1 (800) 772-4247
the headquarters 17785 Center Court Drive N. Ste 110, Cerritos, CA, 90703

Updated February 18, 2021

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