Are Your Toys Ready for Spring?

Your heart races, you are sweating a lot and you know that everyone’s eyes are on you. First day at new job? This recurring dream where you are just standing in front of the school in your underwear? No, you are just riding high on your bike, boat or watercraft.

You have waited all winter to feel this excitement, and now spring has finally sprung. But, before you get on the ramp or get your bike out of storage, you will want to ask yourself one thing. Are your “toys” ready for spring?

Know your motorcycle

Whether you are still hit by death or have so many bikes in your garage, there is no room for the car, you must know what to look for before turning that throttle. Before you even step outside, you will want to make sure that you are covered by quality New Jersey motorcycle insurance. Of course you do not plan if an accident happens or is stolen, but if bad luck comes your way, you will be thankful that you have the right insurance plan. Coverage of everything from collision, comprehensive, medical payments, property damage, Bodley Injury Liability, Pedestrian PIP / Guest Liability and unstructured / weak motorist Bodley Injury will reach you miles when you face ominous situations.

Once you are insured, it is time to think about your bike on the open road. The motorcycle, if stored properly and in winter, is relatively easy to prepare for the upcoming riding season. Here are some quick and easy tips to get off your motorcycle the quickest this season:

• Check battery terminals (if necessary, clean with baking soda and water).

• Apply a product after drying or rinsing, then dry.

• Check oil and other lubricants.

• Check cables and lubricate with applied lubricant.

• Check tire pressure and wear.

• Check the battery (charge / positive / red lead first).

• Check all lights and signs to confirm operation and not break or break.

• Check brake fluid level and brake pads / shoes for wear.

• Wash or pre-wash and then “bathe” your ride thoroughly.

• Apply leather treatment to leather components.

• Check drive belt, chain or shaft.

• Polish and wax all chrome and painted parts.

• Add “octane” booster (if desired) to fuel as per directions.

• Clean the inside of the helmet with mild soap and allow to dry. Shine out of helmet

• Write the beginning mileage.

• Review any notes written before putting your motorcycle in winter storage.

Save your boats

Whether you like it hot or cold, fresh or salty, water is calling you and you a boat. Are you someone who realizes the power to overthrow your twin hots? Or do you enjoy enjoying the breeze in your sailboat?

Before you jump in this spring, your boating priority does not matter, you will want to make sure that you have the right boat insurance policy to suit your needs. Accidents happen, so you will want to insure yourself and your boat against liability and damage. New Jersey boat insurance agency Scherer & Associates can help you navigate the options for affordable boat insurance. Many policies provide coverage for damage to other boats or dock, bodily injury or death and medical payments.

If you winterized your boat, you saved yourself some spring boat prep time and headaches. And that means the road between your boat and the water is shorter. What should be on your to-do list and shopping list? Here are some common steps to take before you take the plunge:

• Perform general cleaning of the hull, deck and topside using mild detergent.

• Make sure drains and scoopers are clear.

• Put on a fine coat of wax.

• Clean and polish the metal with a good metal polish.

• Clean teak and oil.

• Clean windows and hatches.

• Clean canvas, bikini and dodger.

• Clean interior including badges.

• Check spare parts and tools, and replace as necessary.

• Inspect the deck to ensure that your lifeline, pulpit and stanchion are good.

• Make sure your life is random and in working order.

• Check and replace wiper blades if necessary.

• Ensure registration is on and onboard.

In search of his water

Part boat, part motorcycle, all fun! Whether it is jet ski, wavener or sea-do, your personal watercraft lets you keep cool and feel cooler as you get filled with water being soaked by spray. Although these sporty water rides can make you feel like a master of the waves, you won’t want to be struck by an accident that leaves you and your toy.

Before you get on the ramp this spring, do yourself a favor and cover up with a watercraft insurance policy. New Jersey Jet Ski Insurance helps to insure you and your watercraft against accidents and vandalism and liability. Whether you operate it yourself or loan it to a friend, you can be covered for other craft including damages or conditions including dock, body injury or death, and towing assistance.

The use of warm weather and personal watercraft are all fun. But as any jet ski owner knows, things are not always planned. Keep the odds in your favor this season by following these simple steps:

· Check and maintain your battery. Beware of sulfation, which reduces the battery’s ability to charge.

When purchasing a new battery, consider new options such as gel and AGM (absorbing glass mats).

· Check for corrosion, dirt or moisture built on the terminals, which destroys power.

· Clean the terminals with a solution of baking soda and water and rinse with fresh water. Once dry, apply a light coat of waterproof grease to protect the terminals.

· Flush your engine.

Check your engine, check your oil and make sure all your clamps are tight.

· Wash and wax.

Use a quality vinyl protectant to condition the vinyl seat.

Don’t forget your trailer. Check the tire pressure, inspect the bunk boards and trailer lights by checking the bolts and nuts to make sure things are tight.