Auto insurance for veterans: what are my options?

It is possible to always get cheap car insurance for the coverage that you want and need. This is especially true if you are an active member or a veteran of the armed forces.

In fact, some insurance companies are particularly keen to insure veterans and active military members. While others offer big discounts that can also benefit your family.

Since almost every state requires you to have some amount of car insurance, let’s take a look at how you can pay a lower premium.

Auto insurance for veterans

If you are interested in a company that offers auto insurance specifically for veterans, active-duty military and their families, USAA can help you.

They offer the same type of insurance that you would find in any other major insurer. So if you are looking for coverage such as liability, property damage insurance, and personal injury protection (PIP), they can help you.

And if you want to add other types of auto insurance such as short-term / unlicensed motorist coverage or interval insurance, you can find that there too.

You can also try Armed Forces Insurance. They provide coverage for active-duty and retired personnel as well as their immediate family.

Auto insurance for active military members

Auto insurance for veterans is not limited to USAA or Armed Forces Insurance only.

Almost all major car insurance companies offer discounts for current or past members of the military.

Zebra reported that military members receive the largest discount on their premium based on occupation alone. In the military they pay about 2 percent less than other occupations. And before you factor any military specific exemptions.

Some auto insurance companies offer a generous military specific discount on your premium.

Sometimes, you can get Anywhere between 10 and 15 percent. Typically, family members are also included.

But it is always good to check with your insurer to ensure that they provide this discount to their spouse and children.

Auto insurance tips for active military members

When you are stationed, you should not cancel your car insurance. It does not make sense at first because you are not actively using the car. But maSustainable insurance is important.

Canceling your car insurance will count as a lapse in coverage, and when you want to get car insurance again, you will see a spike in your premium.

Instead, when your car is stored in storage, simply reduce coverage on it. This will be significantly less than what you would have to pay, and you can avail continuous insurance. The only thing you can do is to do comprehensive and liability insurance on it.

Or let’s say you decided to sell your car. What you can do is consider switching to non-owner car insurance. This type of coverage comes with bodily injury and property damage liability insurance.

Avail discount on discount

In addition to a military discount, car insurance companies offer a selection of discounts. And of course there may be people for whom you are eligible. Some of the most common ones include:

Driver based

What are your driving habits? Are you a good driver? Research shows that most people rate their driving skills seven out of ten.

Insurance companies will put that rating to a test by looking at your driving record and your history of accidents and claims.

You can get Good driver discount If you have been accident-free and violation-free for three to five years. If you meet that requirement and have a clean driving record, you can get a discount.

Payment plan

You can get a discount based on paying your car insurance bill.

Signing up for a full payment or automatic payment plan will save you a percentage of your premium.

Not only this, you will often get a discount to sign up for paperless billing.

On the basis of loyalty

If you take more than one policy from the same insurance company, you will get Multi policy waiver. 77 percent of people choose to bundle their insurance. People often go for a home and auto insurance bundle, which can save 5 to 25 percent off each policy.

Want to insure more than one car? Adding more than one car to your policy can earn you Multi car discount.

If you have continuous coverage, insurance companies will reward you with better rates. Any default in coverage can sometimes increase your premium by 12 percent.

Affiliation with groups

Do you belong to an organization for the current and former military? For example, if you are associated with veterans of foreign wars or Iraq and the United States of Afghanistan, this may give you additional leeway.

And you can always reach out to your organization to see if they have a preferred car insurance provider.

Weigh your options

Do not rush to jump to the first quote. Take your time and get many quotes from various insurance companies.

When you are receiving multiple quotes, make sure that you are always asking for the same amount of coverage and that you are deductible. That way, you can tell which insurer has the best rate for you.

And shopping around is not a one-time thing either. Shop every two years to see what other companies are offering.

While you can get a great rate for now, it does not mean that you will continue to get the best rate in the future.

Cover will get you Auto bid in five minutes. You just have to answer some small questions.

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