Before You Adopt a Cat | A List of Things to Consider

although KovidThe -19 epidemic has taken the United States under its control, with people across the country dedicating their new time to finding a home. New family members. Beast Adoption Center The adoption rate has seen a huge increase across the country. But if you want to adopt a cat, you should be aware of your new financial responsibility.

Preparing your finances for you new friend Budget for just one doesn’t make sense litter box And scratching post. Cats can get very expensive, very quickly. On average, cats cost about $ 1,100 a year in the first year and about $ 800 a year after that. A large part of that value comes from regular vet fees, and does not even factor in the care of an unexpected accident or illness.

In the past, expensive veterinary bills have led pet parents to high-interest personal loans, crowdfunding sites, and even economic euthanasia. Fortunately, purchasing a pet insurance policy can help reduce the financial stress of having a sick pet. Compare pet insurance policies and get a quote with today To stress.

Find the best pet insurance for your new best friend

What kind of cat do you want to adopt?

Before you get into the iconic role of a cat parent, you need to find the best cat for your lifestyle. very Adopter Look for kittens but Adult cats Might be a better option for New pet owner. Adopters Often adult and Senior cats, But animal rescue will already know the strangeness and personality of these cats. This also Adoption fee Usually less.

Another option is to create pet parents that breed to move forward. There are not as many variations among cat breeds as dog breeds, but designer breeds such as the Sphinx, Bengals and Persians all require special care. Purebred cats are also at risk of certain genetic diseases, such as cystic fibrosis.

Can you afford health care for your pet?

A while bringing New cat Home, it is necessary that the pet parent is ready for any future bills. Nevertheless, it is difficult for any responsible pet owner Be prepared for unexpected medical emergencies. As veterinarian technology continues to advance, it also continues to cost more. So a lot of pet parents turn to pet insurance, which helps pet families pay vet bills.

One out of every three pets will require emergency veterinary care every year, which does not bode well for multi-pet families. “Medical emergencies” do not simply mean cases of full-blown renal failure or surgical reconstruction after a serious accident, both of which can cost more than $ 15,000. Simple accidents and illnesses, like chronic ear infections, can actually increase over time.

new pet Parents may not realize it Welfare Care is also relatively expensive, especially for young kittens. However most Rescue group Will include Be spared/Impotent Surgery and Microchips In their Adoption fee, If they are not, it may cost more than $ 500 out of pocket. Kittens require nine vaccines between the ages of six weeks and one year, which can cost up to $ 100 each.

Fortunately, expensive vet bills do not have to stop cat lovers from experiencing pet paternity. Pet insurance is a relatively new model of insurance similar to human health insurance, and it can help reduce your cat’s medical costs. Most companies use a repayment model, which means that owners pay their animal bills and receive reimbursement from the insurer. Some companies will cover 100 percent vet bills.

Traditional pet insurance policies typically cover unexpected accidents and illnesses, not as compared to regular veterinarian visits, which can cost up to $ 100 on each visit. Fortunately, many companies are going to start Welfare Care add-ons that help owners pay for annual routines and a deterrent Veterinarian expenses mean that pet insurance can help cover almost every type of veterinary care.

When you are preparing to get yours New cat Or kitten for New Home, You should not worry about the threat of VT bill. Buying a pet insurance policy can help you focus on spending your new time with your new one. best friend. Check out different pet insurance policies and get a quote. To stress today!

Compare Pet Insurance Prices For Your New Cat!

Adopt, don’t buy

Scrolling through Petfinder And come animal sheltersThe hardest part of Adoption process Really getting Perfect cat. One for those in the market New cat One can consider craigslist advertisements or online listings that offer cheap or free kittens instead of adopting from someone animal shelter. However, taking a free kitten may cost you a lot more out of pocket than $ 200 Adoption fee.

often, non profitable animal shelters Will include sterilization, Vaccination, And microchipping at a cost of one Adoption fee. These procedures can cost more than $ 1,500 in a vet’s office compared to a few hundred dollars Adoption fees. Beast Rescue group It has also begun to include free trials of insurance policies for each adopted pet.

Two are better than one

Potential kitten parents may have heard that adopting two kittens is better than adopting one, but that is not because the dependents are trying to sell more kittens. Adopting two kittens can offer an easy transition and development for your new furry friends. Adjusting for new environment It can be difficult for young cats, and having a friend can make it a lot more comfortable.

In addition to a live-in playmate and a second cat acting as a comfort source, experts have found that having two kittens reduces behavioral problems. Kittens learn by imitating the behavior of other cats, meaning that they will explore appropriate social functions and skills. This means more time for cuddling and less time spent training.

Declare or not

Everyone has heard horror stories about the loving cat’s parents who have torn up their living room furniture to be sheared by their furry friends, but to announce surgery to deal with scratchy behavior Is not needed. Scratching is a completely natural behavior in cats, and pet parents can protect their furniture with a little basic training and prevention.

to announce Your cat has an elective surgery that cuts a part of the leg bone, which can lead to many health problems and chronic pain. Instead of pursuing surgery, kitten parents should start trimming their kitten nails regularly so that they are habituated to clippers. Pet stores also sell special nail caps, similar to acrylic nails with rounded edges.

in conclusion…

Pet parents who have opened their homes Shelter cats Should worry about opening your pocket Cat tree And CatnipNot expensive VR trips. Buying a pet insurance policy can provide additional peace of mind so that you can focus on your new kitty instead of future bills.

Finding the best pet insurance policy can mean beginning a long adventure with your favorite furry friend. Compare pet insurance policies and get a quote with today To stress.

Find the best pet insurance for your best friend

Updated February 3, 2021

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