Commonwealth Home Insurance: Is it the right choice for you?

Commonwealth Casualty There is a wide choice for homeowners insurance. The company mainly serves customers Arizona. based in Marvel, Commonwealth Was established in 2010 with the goal of making insurance affordable for everyone in its community.

it offers Tenants And car insurance In addition to Homeowners Insurance Policies. Company specific goes beyond one-size-fits-all insurance policy. Instead, Commonwealth Insurance Agent An insurance package has been created for you.

Because all homeowners have different needs, shopping for homeowners insurance Comes with several options. Use To stress Easily compare quotes and policy options to easily find the best policy for you.

Commonwealth Home insurance Coverage

Your house is more than a roof over your head. This is where your best memories are made and your most valuable things are kept. Insure it with authority Homeowners insurance policy You can protect yourself, your family, and your home, if disaster strikes.

According to its website, Commonwealth Provides property insurance in these housing situations and Need insurance:

homeowners insurance

homeowners insurance Provides liability coverage for property damage and lawsuits. Although it Not required by law, many lenders require you to purchase a policy as part of the home loan approval process.

If your home has a fire, hurricane, vandalism, or any other disaster, it provides financial security to fix or rebuild it completely. homeowners insurance From Commonwealth Coverage for your home and other structures is included.

It can protect you from lawsuits if someone is injured and covers damaged or stolen personal property, such as furniture, electronics, appliances, and other belongings.

Keep in mind that a standard policy may not cover computers, fine jewelry, and art. Your Commonwealth Insurance Agent May offer coverage for more expensive items for an additional premium.

Renters Insurance

If you rent your accommodation, then you should consider shopping Rent insurance From Commonwealth. Landlord or property holder insurance policy Limits coverage to the structure of the house. It will not pay to repair or replace your personal belongings.

But a Commonwealth Rent insurance policy Will repair or replace your furniture, electronics, appliances, appliances and other personal items.

Cost is often the biggest obstacle to buying a policy. However, the average monthly price of Rent insurance From Commonwealth Is an inexpensive $ 15.

Component of Commonwealth Home insurance policy

a Home insurance policy Composed of many parts. Although coverage limits, premiums and other factors may vary from one homebuyer to another, all homeowners’ policies typically include the same basic components.

  • Dwelling coverage: Housing includes the structure of the house. If it is damaged or destroyed by fire, hurricanes, hail, lightning, or other hazards listed in the policy, the Dwelling Coverage pays for repairs or remodeling of all or part of your home.
  • Other Structures: A structure that is not attached to your home is covered under other structures part of your policy. This may include an unattached garage, carport, fence, shed or another structure with distinguishable space between it and the house.
  • personal property: Although not part of the structure of your home, homeowners insurance Includes your furniture, clothes, sports equipment, and other personal items. Most policies also include off-premises coverage, which damages your personal property if it is damaged or stolen anywhere in the world.
  • loss of use: If the disaster strikes and you are unable to stay in your home, the loss of use pays for an alternative living arrangement. This may include accommodation and living expenses, such as hotel costs and additional food expenses.
  • personal liability: Someone can injure themselves in your house or on your property. If that person sues, then the personal liability component homeowners insurance Can protect you.
  • Medical payment: For minor physical injuries, Medical payment Coverage can pay for a housegate’s medical bill.

The policy limits vary for each component of your policy, and the amounts are not necessarily set in stone. You may need more or less protection than the average homeowner. Talk with you insurance agent To determine how much coverage is right for you.

Optional coverage for you Commonwealth Home insurance policy

Because your Need insurance Depending on your home, location and personal preferences, Commonwealth Optional coverage available. Policy holders Can add extra security for even more peace of mind.

Service line coverage

You might think that the utility company is responsible for sending a bill of pipe, wiring and other services to your home, but this is not always the case.

For example, homeowners are responsible for repairing a portion of electrical wires and on a meter basis. As you can imagine, repairs can be expensive.

CommonwealthService line coverage may pay for piping and wiring for domestic services such as water, electricity or internet connections.

Water backup

according to Insurance Information InstituteAbout half of the insured households claim water damage every year. Repairs can quickly add up to water damage.

But the protection of water backups can cover the cost of damage or repair if the water is returned through sewers, drains, sump pumps, or similar equipment.

It is important to note that standard homeowners insurance Flood damage is not included. a separate Flooding insurance policy It is necessary to protect against flood damage. also with CommonwealthWater backup coverage, your policy will not cover the damage if flood is the cause of water backup.

Special computer coverage

Your standard homebuyer policy may not cover all computer devices in your home. More expensive equipment may require additional coverage.

Make sure your computer and gaming equipment are safe, what is special computer coverage.

You should consider adding it to you Commonwealth Home insurance If you own an expensive laptop, desktop, tablet, gaming console or related device.

Golf Cart Liability Protection

Some states including Arizona, Golf cart insurance is required. Most standard Homeowners Insurance Policies Golf carts will not be covered.

Even if your state does not require it, a policy can cover the costs if your golf cart is stolen or damaged. This liability may also provide protection if the golf cart causes serious damage or injury.


Commonwealth Can provide affordable insurance to the communities they serve. The company offers several discounts to reduce your premium.

Available discounts may vary Insurance company, But Commonwealth Casualty Company You have several options to help you get a great rate Home insurance.

  • Multi-Policy Waiver: Mix two or more insurance policies With Commonwealth To qualify for the multi-policy exemption.
  • New Home Discount: New homes may be less expensive to insure with new home discounts because there is less wear and tear in structures and home systems.
  • Secure Community Discount: If you live in a safe community or building, you can pay less for yourself. homeowners insurance With Commonwealth.
  • Protective device description: Adding devices such as fire alarms, home sprinkler systems or local burglar alarms may make you eligible for a protective device exemption.
  • Claim-free exemption: If you leave at a specified time without filing a claim, the claim-free exemption may reduce your premium.
  • Full Discount Paid: Choose to pay your premium instead of paying monthly to save on the total policy cost.
  • Water leak detection: Water damage can lead to costly repairs. A water leak detection device may qualify you for a discount on your policy.

Commonwealth Home insurance Review: Customer Satisfaction?

Reviewer rate Commonwealth Two stars out of five on Yelp. Customers report difficulty during the claim process. However, most of the complaints are vehicle insurance Customer.

Company Recognized Better Business Bureau (BBB) ​​and the site has a solid A + rating.

BBB customer reviews are also very positive, coming in at 4.51 stars out of 5.

As a small regional Insurance company, Commonwealth Some top insurance-rating companies go unnoticed:

  • JD Power Customer Satisfaction Rating: Not rated
  • AM Best Rating: Not rated
  • Moody’s Financial Strength Rating: Not rated
  • Better Business Bureau Rating: A +

Commonwealth homeowners insurance FAQ

What is the best home insurance?

Getting the best home insurance can be difficult. Have you ever wondered why so many insurance companies exist? This is because home insurance carriers are not a one-size-fits-all. The best home insurance depends on the location and type of your home, as well as your lifestyle and needs.

How can I save on home insurance from Commonwealth Insurance?

The Commonwealth strives to make insurance cheaper for homeowners. The company offers several discounts to reduce your premium. Installing a fire alarm, purchasing multiple policies, paying your bills in full, and increasing your insurance deduction are some ways to save on your Commonwealth policy.

Can I get auto insurance from Commonwealth?

Yes, auto coverage is one of the insurance products available from the Commonwealth. Motorists can enjoy towing coverage, roadside assistance and rental car reimbursement from their auto policy. If your vehicle is used for rideshare services such as Uber or Lyft, you can also get coverage. The Commonwealth also offers a lure deduction to help reduce your out-of-pocket expenses.

What other insurance should I consider for my home?

Your Home insurance needed Depend on the location and type of your home. Standard Homeowners insurance policy If you live in a condo or mobile home you will not be provided the necessary security. For that you need Condo insurance or mobile Home insurance. keep in mind that homeowners insurance Does not cover flood damage. You may also need Flood insurance For additional protection against flooding for your home.

Best way to save on Home insurance

Want to know how low your policy can run? Get an actual quote or two, or many, today with Insurify.

Commonwealth insurance Overview

Commonwealth Casualty Is a community-focused Insurance company. The company provides comprehensive Homeowners Insurance Policies With many add-ons to optimize your coverage.

Also a Auto insurance provider, Allows you to get yours car insurance And Home insurance policies In a convenient location.

From available discounts to additional coverage options, Commonwealth Helps to make homeowners insurance Inexpensive.

Commonwealth Home insurance contact information

The department Contact
Customer service phone number 1 (877) 603-1310
Claim service phone number 1 (877) 603-1310

Updated February 16, 2021

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