Delhi Unlock ‘Unreasonable’ Traders Union urges CM to revise the judgment

New Delhi: Though the unlocking process started in Delhi from Monday, the traders’ body here expressed deep disappointment over the government’s move, requesting Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to review the decision.

The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT), in its appeal to Kejriwal, said that the decision of about 1.5 million traders in Delhi has no meaning as they are still not allowed to conduct their business activities.

CAIT, citing the Delhi government’s order, said only construction activities and factories were allowed to open, but the markets would remain closed till June 7 at 5 am and Delhi traders would have no one but to wait for another week. Not an option.

CAIT Secretary General Praveen Khandelwal said, “Without the market open, how will the construction activities be conducted in the absence of necessary building materials and other items.”

Similarly, Khandelwal said, factories would also face the same music as the raw material required by them for production would also not be available as markets in Delhi were closed.

It should be remembered that construction activities, factories and shops are synonymous with each other, Khandelwal pointed out.

Despite Delhi being a much larger state and the positivity rate also being comparatively higher, Khandelwal further said, neighboring Uttar Pradesh has given permission to open all business activities during working hours from Monday.

“But Delhi, which has a positivity rate of around 1.5 per cent and fewer than 900 cases per day, preferred to keep markets closed without realizing the misery of Delhi’s traders due to the closure of shops for more than a month.” is.”

CAIT also said that the concern to keep Kovid under control is laudable, but at the same time a prudent decision was anticipated where markets could be opened with staggered time and wholesale trade to Delhi by following Kovid security protocols And could be classified into retail verticals.

“There could have been other options but sadly the Delhi government did not consult the traders nor considered the representations made by various trade associations.”


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