How Much Does A Final Expense Insurance Cost?

It is a disappointing experience to see your loved ones struggling with financial burden and we believe that you too would not wish this to happen. Now buying the last expense insurance will keep the family members away from the stress of arranging the funeral after you leave. In this article, you will get a detailed information of the cost of a particular service while purchasing insurance.

Is the last expense designed for insurance

These are insurance policies intended to help people plan their funeral ceremonies and protect their loved ones from the additional financial burden. This means that if you have purchased the last expense life insurance for senior citizens, you will not have to worry about funeral arrangements and expenses after the parents’ demise and can mourn in peace in solitude . Your nearest or preferred funeral home will organize a funeral in a smooth manner and the insurance provider will take care of all expenses. However, to obtain a cover, you must inform the insurance provider about the demise of the insured as soon as possible so that they can communicate with the preferred funeral home and make necessary arrangements on time.

There are also some life insurance plans that take care of funeral expenses but not everyone can afford a life insurance only for a fun insurance cover. In addition, there are people who do not qualify for a life insurance plan due to their specific medical conditions. In this scenario, funeral expenses planning has an edge over life insurance. You do not need to undergo any medical examination to prove your insurance amount and anyone can get insurance for themselves. Even, you have someone in the family suffering from terminal illness, you can easily get a plan for them, without inquiring about the same.

How much does insurance cost?

There are many things that decide whether the cost of a funeral will be very low or high and that determines the cost of the insurance plan. You can contact insurance experts or representatives to find out how insurance costs are calculated, and which plan would be best suited for you. But before doing so, you are suggested to get several last expense insurance quotes from online insurance portals. Once you get the quote, you have an idea about the average cost of an insurance plan. Now, you can top 3 or top 5 insurance plans and talk to the representatives of those insurance companies. They will ask your funeral preferences and tell you how much a particular service costs and how you can terminate services you don’t need. For your convenience, we are providing an estimate of some of the most common services and their costs below:

professional services
These are basic services that you will have to pay for funeral arrangements. Under these, you may have to pay approximately $ 600 for basic services provided by funeral home staff. The embalming service costs about $ 700 and you may have to pay $ 400 for other preparation services.

Facilities and Employee Services
Funeral homes provide cemetery and cemetery services and make arrangements for the deceased’s friends, relatives and loved ones to be seen or awakened. Under these services, you may have to pay $ 900 to watch or wake up and pay $ 600.

Transportation Services
They take the remains to the funeral home via a regular horse and you will have to pay approximately $ 200 for transportation and $ 250 for the horse. If you decide to transport the remains through a limousine, it will cost you around $ 200 extra.

Under this category, funeral homes provide coffins or cremations for the deceased. If the deceased was to be cremated, they would be rendered cremated, otherwise a coffin for about $ 3500. In addition, they provide burial or urn for $ 2500 and for the memorial tomb service, you will have to pay another $ 1000.

Other expenses
These include some additional services such as floral arrangements, burial clothes, food, airfare and accommodation for visitors and other optional services that can add another $ 1000 to the same.