How much life insurance do you really want?

When considering life insurance, your needs and circumstances are the key players in determining the plot of your insurance policy.

Life insurance is designed to protect you and your financially Dear ones. Your life insurance contract can create a property, provide Income substitution, Pay credit card debt, And more in the event of loss. Coverage of your policy should play to your circumstances and preferences.

Like using a life insurance comparison website Insurify Will enable you to fine-tune your coverage amount to align with your budget. Insurance policies vary in the amount of coverage Insurance products And premium. Use Insurify to compare Life insurance quotes And find the ideal policy that suits your needs, goals and budget.

Do you need one life insurance policyThe

If you are starting a family, buying a house, or preparing an education fund for your child, then life insurance policy There should be a serious consideration for your financial plan. a life insurance policy Being in support of you and your income does not ensure the financial security of your family. With this in mind, you can set the value of a life insurance policy To you and your home.

You do not have to break the bank to meet your family Financial obligations In case you pass away. you can afford Term life insurance policy, Which does not grow cash value And less expensive than one Whole life insurance policy. a Term life insurance policy Will provide for your family’s needs in the event of your passing and also give you peace of mind.

a Term life insurance policy Provides coverage for number of years Or until you reach a certain age. Term life insurance policies There are premiums that come in three forms: level duration, which has a level death benefit And premium; Decreasing period, where the level of premium and profit decreases until it reaches zero; And growing periods, where the premium and death benefit Increase over time.

How to decide how Very life insurance You need

While deciding Coverage amount Is right for you, the best course of action is to examine you Annual Income, Financial needs, And obligations.

Consider a level insurance policy to provide one death benefit Than you annual salary, To ensure a decreasing duration policy car loan or student loan Payments are made to cover increasing expenses as your life changes, and there is a growing policy.

Assess you Life insurance needed

There are many reasons for personal purchase life insurance policy, Such as providing a legacy for their children or paying off any unpaid debt and Final expense. When your assessment Life insurance needed, To insurance companies and their insurance agent Use methods to help you decide how More life insurance Buying. These methods include the human life values ​​approach and needs approach.

The human life value approach calculates your future earnings and Decreases Taxes and necessary living expenses to give you a lump sum death benefit Amount. This way of determining yourself Life insurance needed Not as detail-oriented as the needs approach. Human life outlook is a generalized way of determining you Life insurance needed.

The specific needs of each individual are reviewed in determining the needs approach Life cover Buying. It checks your current income, your family income, your personal assets and liabilities, expenses, Financial needs And goals, and your risk profile (chance of loss). This type of approach addresses two basic insurance needs, a. Outright death benefit And to provide survivors with a standard of living.

Outright Death benefit May cover medical and various expenses Funeral expenses, Loans, and property taxes. It can also be used to ensure that dependents have emergency funds, can pay Mortgage balance, Or may pay for their education. Another factor in your assessment Life insurance needed Your dependents need ongoing income.

The lump sum will be paid immediately upon your demise, but your family may require a stream of income to maintain their standard of living. Social Security benefits provide some income for a limited time but will likely not cover your family’s standard of living. One family income life insurance policy There is a term insurance policy that pays monthly income to the beneficiaries.

Set the length of your term

When Buy life insuranceThe period you pay the premium should be a factor. With a permanent insurance policy, you can pay the premium for your entire life; With a term insurance policy, you pay a premium for the duration of the policy term. This can happen until you reach a certain age or a specified number of years.

When deciding the length of your term, check your financial concerns. If you want to make sure funeral expenses Met you on passing 20 year term An insurance policy is a good option. As long as you maintain the premium and the policy can be renewed if you opt out of the policy term.

A decreasing term insurance policy is the best option to pay unpaid debt and cover Financial needs, Such as mortgage payments, car loan, Or your child’s education. The duration of the term is the length of the mortgage or other loans, and this premium and balance decrease until you pay towards the loan.

You should also pay attention to your minor children and how they will be taken care of in the event of your passing. a Term life insurance policy The time it takes for their children to mature will be covered. Child care If you pass before reaching adulthood.

Calculate you Life insurance coverage Amount

Your life insurance death benefit Is called the face amount of the insurance policy and is also the coverage amount. These three words are interchangeable and indivisible. If you have $ 50,000 life insurance policy, To death benefit, Coverage amount and the face value of the policy is $ 50,000.

How to use an established method to indicate consumers More life insurance DIME to buy is an abbreviation for loan, income, mortgage and education. When calculating your life insurance using the DIME formula, if you died yesterday, calculate all the costs you incurred in the future Final expense.

Next, multiply your annual salary You think your income should provide for your family (as long as they can provide for themselves). For example, if you are the breadwinner, your spouse is at a standstill –Home parent, And your child is 10 years old, a reasonable number of eight years for your spouse and child. Your child will be an adult, and your husband may be able to provide more effectively by then.

Next, factor in your remaining mortgage and fund your child’s education (if applicable). This will be your DIME recommended coverage. For example, you are in debt of $ 30,000, a Annual Income The $ 75,000 you’ve been wanting for the past eight years has $ 50,000mortgage, and $ 100,000 dollars for your child’s education. Here’s the DIME formula in action: $ 30,000 + $ 600,000 ($ 75,000 x 8 years) + $ 50,000 + $ 100,000 = $ 7,000,000.

How is the term life insurance premium determined?

Insurance premiums are determined during the underwriting process and assigned individually. Underwriters and actuaries base premiums on three components: mortality, interest, and expense. Life insurance companies Use the Commissioner Standards Ordinary (CSO) table to assess mortality experience in the US

The current CSO table used by Actuaries was established in January 2020 and taken over in 2017. Earlier, insurance companies had used the CSO table since 2001. a. medical exam Or an attending physician’s statement is considered by the underwriter in determining your premium. Also, the older you are, the more expensive your premium will be because your risk factors increase with age.

The more you interest Insurance company You can earn your premium through investment, at least it has to be charged in premium. Even if your insurance policy develops cash value Whether or not insurance companies deposit premiums into ordinary accounts that increase interest. This factor helps reduce your premium payment.

The last factor of your premium amount is the expense or cost of insurance. These expenses include your Insurance companyRent, salary, commission, benefits and field expenses. According to these requirements, the expenses cover all operating costs, providing a margin of safety Insurance company, And contribute to profit.

Term life insurance quotes

Considering the mortality, interest, and operating costs of life insurance, let us take a moment to explore the different life insurance quotes from some heads for a ten-year term. Term life insurance companies:

company’s name Average monthly price
Pen mutual $ 32.32
MassMutual $ 33.77
to provide $ 48.41
Ventis life $ 64.46
Assurity $ 74.72
Sagicor $ 81.52
Incense life $ 91.42
Allegiance to truth $ 146.25
Pacific life $ 164.12
Mutual of Omaha $ 167.66

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Make sure you are buying right life insurance policy

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Updated 8 January 2021

Aisa Martell is a licensed insurance manufacturer in New York State. She is a creative writer and has been doing freelance writing for five years. He is happy to share his knowledge about the insurance industry and its products.

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