How to Make a Home Inventory Checklist for Your Home Insurance (2021)

If something happens at your house, will you be able to tell about yourself Landlord Insurance Company What have you lost If you can’t, your Insurer Your claim is unlikely to be paid, leaving you in lurch.

More than half of Americans do not have House list According to a study by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, his most important asset. All of those people are at risk for insufficient coverage if something happens. Don’t be one of them — make a detailed list of everything on your property. This may seem like a huge task, but there are plenty of ways to get started.

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The most important reason is a Home list Is to be able to prove its disadvantage Insurance company If you have to make a claim. Anytime you make a claim, Insurance company Will ask for you detailed list Of your lost things. if this List of your property The item is missing or you don’t know the details, you may not get enough money to cover your loss – or Insurance company You might not make up for it.

So why not wait until you are at a disadvantage and then make a list because when you have a major claim, it can be difficult to remember all the details, along with a lot of other things. Being able to pull up a handy list you have created ahead of time is easy.

Creating this list can also help you understand how much insurance you need and what kind. It may be known that you need to talk to yourself insurance agent About purchasing insurance rider for special items, such as jewelry or Collectibles.

The best time to start on your inventory list is now. It is not complicated. There are many apps and Printable Worksheets are available online for help, but the easiest way to get started is to just walk from your home and shoot a video. If you don’t have enough video to prove your loss insurance claim, But you can use the video as an easy reference to make the item a written list.

Start by taking a video of every room in your house, one room at a time. Open drawers and cupboards and peer Bookcase. Record all the contents in a way that lets you see what’s inside while watching the video. Your wine cabinet film, Linen, Wine cellar, art, collection, Electrical equipment, And jewelry box. leave no stone unturned. You can make it easy by creating short videos covering sections of each room or grouping them like items, then watching them once to create your written list.

For small items like Cutlery, Silverware, Glassware, And consonants, it’s usually fine to estimate the number of each item – for example, the “12 place setting” rather than counting each item carefully.

Search receipts for larger items and also take photos or videos of them. Take time to write Serial number For items such as electronics, firearms and equipment. Cover the contents of your freezer or pantry if you dine – if you document those losses, you can get your help. Insurer If a power outage destroys your food. And don’t forget the components of the room. If you have built-in shelving or good finishing, capture them so that you have proof of what you lost if something happened.

Finally, head outside and document the contents of your garage, shed, or other remodel. If a storm destroys you, you don’t want to pay out of pocket Lawn mower, for example.

You can make your own written by taking these pictures and videos in hand Home list Your personal belongings should contain as much information as possible for each item:

  • Item description
  • makes, Model number, And Serial numbers
  • Appraised value or cost when you bought it
  • Where you bought the item
  • date of purchase
  • Sales receipts Or if possible picture of receipts
  • Estimated replacement cost if you bought it again today

Does your house not contain antiques or anything? talk to your insurance agent To find out how to screw those people up and how they will be involved in a claim – or whether they will be covered at all. You may need additional coverage for them.

This is also a good time to find out if your Insurance company In the event of loss, the replacement pays the cost or actual cash value. If your Insurance company Does not pay replacement costs, think about increasing your coverage or finding another one Insurer-When you don’t make any claims then you shouldn’t be surprised.

Where you have lots of options to store Home list, But it’s important to know that keeping it in your home is a bad idea. If you have a loss that destroys important assets, it can also wipe out your inventory. The key is keeping it in one safe place, Whether in a printed copy or not safe deposit box Or secure file storage in the cloud.

Whatever you choose, just make sure that when you need it, you can access it. It should be readily available during an emergency, and must be stored privately the rest of the time.

Frequently Asked Questions – Home Inventory Checklist

It is a big undertaking. How do I get started?

Creating your list is not a big hassle. To begin, choose a small flat area, such as the kitchen cabinet where you keep your small appliances or shelf where your handbags live. Another way to start is to document recent purchases — all of them, then work backward the old way. Remember, it is better to have incomplete inventory than nothing, so just pick a spot and start.

Do I have adequate insurance coverage for all my property?

Your coverage should equal the cost of converting your property at today’s prices. If it does not, then you need to reissue your insurance policy. Special items, such as jewelry or fine arts, must be evaluated to ensure that they are properly covered.

Is it safe to upload my list to the cloud?

Yes, if you take a reliable storage service. Make sure you understand the privacy and security settings of the service. Research whether the service you are using is reliable. It is a good idea to give someone else access to your home as a backup.

There is no wrong way to start your work Home list; The important thing is that it is starting in the first place itself. When it comes to listing your items, it is better than ever.

When you are building your inventory, make sure your luggage has the coverage you need and is worth using To stress.

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Updated February 8, 2021

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