How to watch IPL matches in Jio Phone? IPL 2021 Big Live

How to watch IPL matches in Jio Phone? If you are a Jiophone user and if you are also searching for your Jio Phone me IPL Match Kaise Dekhe then this article is for you every year like this year has started IPL. In such a situation, there are discussions in India. At this time, millions of people are enjoying IPL 2021 at their home. Some people are watching IPL on TV but most people are looking at IPL 2021 LIVE on their smartphone. In such a situation, if you do not have any smartphone. Here we will know that Jio Phone me IPL Kaise Dekhe 2021 Live

Friends were also being broadcasting live in IPL free on Jio Phone due to the offer of Xiao last time. But this time the responsibility of its live broadcast has taken the hotstar. You must have a smartphone to see IPL Live on Hotstar. But if you have a Jiophone then do not worry. Here we will know Jio Phone Me IPL Kaise Dekhe.

How to watch IPL in Jio Phone?

Friends, hotstars just runs on the smartphone but you can use it on your live phone and Jiophone Me IPL Dekh Sakte.
For this you have to follow this steps.

First you go to the browser of your Jiophone.

After this, search by writing hotstar. The first result of you will come to the website of Hotstar, you have to click on it and you will go straight to the hotstar website.

After this you have to login there from your phone number or Facebook account.

After going to Hotstar’s website, you will find many catigaries such as new movies, news, sports etc. You have to choose the category of Sports.

After this there will be many play clips of IPL and IPL will also get the option of IPL 2021 LIVE and IPL will also get options of IPL. You have to click on this. After this you will have to take a subscription to take the subscription here.

You have to take a subscription of ₹ 399 in which you will get Hotstar’s Mummy Ambassis throughout the year, you can see your Jio Phone Me IPL 2021 Live without any interruption.

To take a member, you have to click on the 399 ₹ pack there. After this you will get a payment option. You have to pay ₹ 399 through your Debit Card, Credit Card or Net Banking. And you will get hotstar in the year for a year.
You will be able to see Free me IPL without just 5 minutes in Payment
After paying you can see the IPL without any interruption. Just need to be paid to see live.

How to watch IPL matches in Jio Phone?

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Friends if you do not have money to pay you and yet you want to see your Jio Phone me IPL then there is also a way for it. But here you will not be able to see the IPL live. But IPL videos, results and scores will definitely be able to see. Which team did the meaning of which team won what team wins, you will be able to see all this here. To see this, you have to folo these steps.
First of all you have to go to Jiostore of your phone. (Looks like the Google Play Store on Android phones is Jiostore in Jio Phone)

After going to Joostor, you will get a Hotstar app that you download it.

After this, after opening the Hottar’s app, you can check the IPL score and see IPL’s video clips in the categories there.

But if you have to see Jio Phone Me IPL Live then you will have to take the case of ₹ 399 by visiting Hottar’s website. After taking the case of 399 ₹, you will be able to see the IPL live live without any interruption for 1 year and will also be able to see new movies and TV serials.

So friends in this video we go to see how IPL in Jio Phone
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