ICC to induct 10 former cricketers into Hall of Fame

Dubai: The International Cricket Council (ICC) will induct 10 former players from five different eras into its Hall of Fame ahead of the final of the World Test Championship.

“The ten legends of the game who have made significant contributions to the history of Test cricket will be included in the 93 players already on the illustrious list of the ICC Hall of Famers, which now totals 103,” the ICC said. statement on Thursday.

“The special intake will feature two players from each of the following five eras in the ranks of the greatest players in the world: the early cricket era (pre-1918), the inter-war cricket era (1918 – 1945), the post-war cricket era ( 1946 – 1970), ODI Era (1971 – 1995), Modern Cricket Era (1996 – 2016),” the statement added.

The special edition will be telecast on 13 June (Sunday) across all ICC digital channels.

The 10 icons who will be inducted were selected by the ICC Hall of Fame Voting Academy, which includes members of the Living Hall of Fame.

FICA (Federation of International Cricketers Association) representative, prominent cricket journalist and senior ICC person.

“We are celebrating the history of the sport and what better way than to honor some of the greats who founded the sport and played it in different eras. These are all players with a legacy that will continue to inspire generations to come for years to come,” ICC Acting Chief Executive Geoff Allardyce had said in the statement.


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