Insurify’s Best Cities for Singles 2021 Winner’s Kit

congratulation! Your city has been recognized as one of the best for singles in the United States. We appreciate you for promoting a higher quality of life for single citizens in your community.

To help you promote this award, we have created a badge, a tempered press release, and some pre-formatted social media posts. Feel free to share press releases with local publications, and display badges wherever you choose.

Website Winner’s Badge

Badge Instructions: To add this badge to your website, please right click on the image above and choose “Save Image” – then you will be able to upload the saved image to your site. If you want to direct users to the full prize description, it can be found at:

Social media sharing

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  • [City] Has been recognized as the best city for singles in [State] by @insurify! TWEET is
  • [City] Winner of @ insurify’s Best Cities for Singles Award! TWEET is
  • [City] Nominated as one of America’s Best Cities for Singles by @insurify! TWEET is

Press release template

Won 2021 Best City for Singles Award

– <महीना दिनांक>, 2020 – <सिटी> Is the recipient of the 2021 Insurrias Best Cities for Singles Award.

<सिटी> Awarded Best City of Insurers for Single Award for State of <राज्य> In 2021. The winning cities were identified based on a single population analysis and the benefits they receive from their communities.

The cities were assigned scores based on the following criteria: a high population; An affordable cost of living including rent and restaurant food; And overall interest in online dating over the last five years. The score was used to determine the most single-favorable city in each state.

Singles Award Winner For Quotes <सम्मिलित सर्वश्रेष्ठ शहर>

“Promoting a community where all types of members can thrive is an achievement that must be celebrated.” “The award honors cities that provide the best opportunities for single citizens to contribute positively and fully.”

For a complete list of the best cities for 2021 for single award winners, visit:

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