Interview: Natalie Gray on Building the Best Experience for Clients

We are building a great experience so that customers stay with us for a very long time.

Recently, Natalie Gray, co-founder and head of product, Rob Hayes and Tom Creighton, sat down with Host of Framework, a podcast that goes on to market a product.

In the episode, Natalie talks with the same co-founders about the process of starting two businesses and why the cover was successful on its first start-up, Stylak.

While the co-founders decided to move on from Stylekick, they continued to work together and came back with the idea of ​​a cover: 4 button, giving everyone a camera view, so that people could easily insure their things Can do.

Since coming to Y Combinator with Covers, it has evolved into a nationwide insurance brokerage, operating with over 30 carriers. And Cover has its own line of insurance products offered in Texas.

Natalie also explained how the covers are always focused on how they can create the best and best experience for customers.

For Natalie and the team on the cover, it is important to ensure that the balance of providing transparency is also taken into account that customers get what they need out of the product.

“For ourselves, it’s always about what we can do that will please the customer, who will make them happy, either alleviate some of the pain or give them pleasure where they didn’t know it existed Could. “

If you are interested in hearing more about the cover, click here to listen to Natalie’s advice for scaling a company quickly, and more, the full Pods episode.

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