Medical Part D Penalties and How to Avoid It (2021)

If you don’t enroll in one Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan During our Initial enrollment period, You may be subject to a permanent penalty on your monthly premium. The rules about this can be a bit tricky, so here you need to know about it Part D late enrollment penalty And how to avoid it.

Enrollment “Be late Treatment Coverage often entails a penalty on your monthly premium. it is a matter Medicare Part D-Optional Prescription drug coverage That you can buy privately insurance companies On top of Original Medicare Parts A And b Part d Penalty, this means that your monthly premium will be forever higher.

while other Treatment Health plan is also Late enrollment penaltyGoverning rules Part d Are slightly different. it means Part d Fines can surprise people, especially if they work past age 65 and were employer-based Prescription drug coverage He didn’t get Treatment Standards.

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How can i escape Part d a punishment?

To avoid your penalty Monthly part d premium, You must enroll during your coverage Initial enrollment period (IEP) or Within 63 days of losing their previous reliable coverage for prescription drugs.

Your IEP Your first window is Eligibility for Medicare Enrollment. If you qualify Treatment Due to your age, it lasts for seven whole months, starting three months earlier when you turn 65 and ending after three months.

Part d If you walk continuously after your 63 days, then penalty is imposed IEP Without it Reliable prescription drug coverage. “Reliable coverage” means at least as good as Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage. Reliable prescription drug coverage Coverage from current or former employer or association may include TRICARE, Indian Health Service, Department of Veterans Affairs, or Individual health insurance Coverage. If your coverage is considered reliable, your plan tells you every year.

Enrollment In Treatment Drug coverage is the simplest way to avoid penalties when you are first eligible. Even if you don’t need prescription medications, you may very well be the latter, for which you will have to pay a fine. Enrollment late. by Enrollment As soon as you are eligible, you may be able to find one Part d A plan that caters to your needs with a minimum monthly premium.

If you have reliable drug coverage from another source, you have IEP But later lose that coverage, enroll in Medicare Part D Immediately to avoid fines.

For example, if you are working with 65 years of age and have employer insurance, but plan to buy Treatment Prescription drug benefits Later, make sure that your employer coverage is considered reliable. You can ask for notice of reliable coverage from your employer each year, and you should keep this document. You should also know your dates Special enrollment period, Which is the time limit you allow to enter Treatment When you retire and lose your employer-based coverage. And don’t forget to start your research Treatment Options before you Special enrollment period to start.

What are the exceptions Part d a punishment?

Part d Will not be subject to beneficiaries Late enrollment penalty If they:

  • Are eligible for extra help The program, also known as Low-Income Subsidy (LIS);
  • Have another recipe Drug plan That meet “reliable coverage” standards; or
  • Never enrolled in Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Or a Medicare Advantage Plan (Also known as Medicare Part c) which consists of Prescription Drug Coverage.

How much Medicare Part D a punishment?

Penalty amount Depends on how long you go between your end without reliable drug coverage IEP And when you enroll in Part d. Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) counts Late enrollment penalty Multiplied by one percent of “National base beneficiary premium“($ 33.06 In 2021) by Number of months You were eligible but did not apply for a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan. This amount is increased to the nearest 10 cents and added to your monthly prescription. Drug plan As long as you have premium Treatment Drug plan-If you change companies.

National base beneficiary premium Change every year, so Late enrollment penalty May also change each year.

Here is an example of how penalties are calculated: Suppose you turned 65 in February 2020, which means your IEP Expired in May 2020, but you did not enroll Part d By the end of 2020, and yours Part D Coverage Does not kick in until January 2021.

Your penalty will be calculated as 0.01 x 33.06 x 7 (number) All month You went without reliable coverage), adding a total of $ 2.31 to your monthly premium. While the amount may seem small, it can increase over time, especially if you delay Part d Enrollment for many years.

What can i do if i think TreatmentWrong decision wrong?

If you do not agree with the CMS calculation of your penalty, you have the right to appeal. A letter explaining your penalty calculation will also tell you how to appeal Reconsideration And will include the form you need to enter it.

Some reasons for the appeal include:

  • You submitted information about your reliable drug coverage, but the information was ignored.
  • You think this plan is wrong Number of months Without reliable drug coverage.
  • You didn’t enroll in one Part d Plan early because you were not informed enough that your other drug coverage was not reliable.
  • Your end date Initial enrollment period (IEP) Could not be identified correctly.
  • Your LIS /extra help Late enrollment penalty The premium was not correctly waived.

Have to file for reconsiderations Within 60 days from the date on the letter you received Late enrollment penalty. You should include any evidence supporting your case, such as a copy of your notice Reliable prescription drug coverage From an employer or union plan.

All Reconsideration Request about Part d Should be directed to punishment TreatmentContractor:

Maximus Federal Services

3750 Monroe Avenue, Suite 704

Pittsford, NY 14534-1302

You can also contact their customer service at:

  • Toll-free customer service line: 1 (877) 456-5302
  • Fax: 1 (585) 869-3330
  • Toll-free fax: 1 (866) 589-5241
  • Email (for case status inquiry):

MAXMIUS must notify you of their decision within 90 days of receiving your request Reconsideration. The decision is final and cannot be appealed, but you can request that Reconsideration If there was an error or any new information, it can be reopened Part d Penalty judgment. If you want your decision to be reopened, you must submit a detailed written request within 180 days from the date Reconsideration Decision letter.

FAQ: Medical Part D Penalties

How long does a Part D penalty last?

The monthly penalty will be added to your premium until you have Part D coverage, even if you change plans.

Is Part D the maximum for penalties?

No, and the cost of waiting for several years can really add up. For example, suppose you were eligible for Part D in 2005, but did not enroll until 2021. The cost of your fine will be an additional $ 57 per month, a $ 684 fine in 2021.

Can I deduct my Part D premium from my Social Security or Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) payments?

Yes. If you want your premium to be deducted from your monthly Social Security or RRB payment, contact your plan (Social Security or RRB). If you want to stop the premium deduction and receive the bill directly, you should also contact your plan.

What is Part D-IRMAA

High-income people may have to pay more for Medicare drug coverage. If your income is above $ 87,000 (in person) or $ 174,000 (if filed jointly), you will be charged an additional amount in addition to your plan’s premium (sometimes “Part D-IRMAA”). Will pay If you include drug coverage in the Medicare Advantage plan, you must pay this additional amount. It does not affect everyone, so most people will not have to pay the extra amount. If you have Part B and you have more income, you may have to pay an additional amount for your Part B premium, even if you do not have drug coverage. Social Security will contact you if you have to pay Part D-IRMAA based on your income. The amount you pay is subject to change each year.

Part d late-enrollment penalty Is avoided

whereas Penalty amount This may not seem like a month, it increases over time – when an unnecessary expense Part D late enrollment penalty Can usually be avoided. Be sure to enroll in Part D Coverage Within your 62 days Initial enrollment period Keep documentation to prove your reliable coverage if you register Part d Later. And remember that those who are eligible extra help The penalty is exempt.

For help in your field, visit And use the “Talk to someone search” tool on the right side of the page.

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Updated 8 January 2021

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