Myths About Disability and the Need for Disability Insurance

People with physical problems are a familiar site. In wheelchairs or on crutches, blind or even deaf all of us have crossed paths with a disabled person as some stage in our lives. What do you feel when you see a disabled person? Pity, curiosity or fear too? Do you know how to treat their appearance or are you worried that you might stare or say something inappropriate? Read on for some major myths about people with disabilities and learn why you need disability insurance.

Myth one: people with disabilities need help

In most cases people with disabilities are fully capable of taking care of themselves. If they need help, they will ask for it! Do not assume that they cannot do anything!

Myth two: don’t ask uncomfortable questions

People with physical disabilities would rather ask questions about your disability than avoid this problem. Ask curious children the questions they need.

Myth three: people with disabilities cannot work or contribute at home

People with disabilities are skilled like you and me and make many important contributions at work and home.

Myth four: people with disabilities are frustrated

Yes, illness can be a cause of depression, but people with disabilities are not chronologically depressed and should not be considered so. Disability is not a death sentence!

Myth Five: Physically disabled people live very different lives

People live very normal lives like you and me. They go to school and work, they fall in love, and they have friends.

Myth Six: Disabled People Have No Real Future

Disabled people have dreams and ambitions like you and me and have the ability to realize these dreams. Take for example our Paralympians, many of whom have achieved great things.

Myth Seven: It Will Never Happen to Me

Disability is a reality for all of us. Accidents and even illnesses can all lead to permanent disabilities that can change our lives forever.

disability insurance

Are you ready for the worst financially? For the day you are disabled due to illness or injury and can no longer support your partner or spouse and family? If not, have you heard of disability insurance? If you are ever disabled and unable to work, a disability insurance policy will provide a pay-out to replace all or part of your income and keep your family financially affected.

Don’t be misled by the myths surrounding disability and protect your family’s future income today!