Bundling Medical Insurance Codes – Stop Loosing Money To "Bundled" Medical Insurance Claims

What is “bundling” anyway? This is when an insurance carrier combines two or more CPT codes, replacing an overreaching code, often ignoring modifiers along the way. This practice can cut your receivables. When codes are bundled, the codes are grouped together and the insurance carrier will only pay a fee schedule allowance for the codes … Read more

Factors That Affect Your Health Insurance Premium

Health insurance is typically designed to protect a person’s health, providing financial support for medical expenses ranging from routine checkups to more serious surgeries or hospital stays. People buy insurance to reduce the risk of paying higher fees out of their own pocket for this care, but in turn health insurance companies also reduce their … Read more

Summer’s Here – Are Your ‘Toys’ Protected?

As the weather warms, people everywhere are breaking their favorite summer “toys”, including recreational vehicles (RVs), boats, motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs). Unfortunately, you cannot assume that your part-time vehicles are properly insured under existing auto and / or homeowners insurance policies. And instead of dealing with these substantial investments on only one other policy, … Read more

Why You Need Liability Coverage From Your Insurance Company

Designed to cover professional physicians against claims of negligence made by clients or patients, professional liability insurance goes by many names. When used in the medical profession, it is commonly called medical malpractice coverage. Notary publics also require this protection, but they refer to it as errors and omissions insurance. Real estate brokers, management consultants … Read more