Cost of Medigap Insurance

As far as health insurance is concerned, one can never get too far ahead of opting for a full complementary insurance plan before walking on the question of the cost of Medigap insurance. It is only the nature of finding the best insurance policy; You have to balance the cost with coverage to find the … Read more

What Exactly is Commercial Insurance?

So what is commercial insurance? Simply put, commercial insurance is a protection for your business. From new start businesses to well established; If there is not enough cover then an unforeseen event can destroy your business. With so many insurance products and providers, it would be easy to think that commercial insurance was a complicated … Read more

Do Children Need Insurance?

Because children are victims of illnesses and accidents, it is our responsibility as parents to provide them with the best health care. We must give them the right care and protect them. With the right health insurance policy, we will have peace of mind knowing that they are well protected and that they are able … Read more

Insurance Claim Supplements – How to Submit Claim Supplements

A claim supplement is a claim for additional repair or replacement costs. Supplements are common in the claims process. However, if you policyholder is unaware of your policy rights, you can get away with hundreds or thousands of dollars that you are entitled to collect. The claim dose is usually after the policyholder has submitted … Read more

How Much Liability Insurance Do You Need?

When most people consider their insurance needs, only certain types of coverage usually come to mind. Health insurance and life (or sometimes disability) insurance protect you and your loved ones; Car and home owner or renter’s insurance protects your principal tangible asset. Personal liability insurance, often called an “umbrella” policy, rarely makes this list. But … Read more