Tesla delays first Model S plaid delivery: report

San Francisco: Tesla CEO Elon Musk has announced that the EV manufacturer is delaying its Model S plaid delivery event as the new electric vehicle requires another week of tuning.

Last week, Musk announced that Tesla would hold a delivery event for the first Model S plaid delivery at the automaker’s Fremont factory on June 3.

Now, the CEO confirmed that the program should be delayed by a week as the new Model S is not ready yet.

Musk said, “Delivery of the Model S plaid has been extended until June 10. Another week is needed.”

Back in January 2021, Tesla introduced a refreshed version of the Model S and Model X, which brings a new powertrain, new interior and updated exterior design to two of Tesla’s major electric vehicles.

When launching the new vehicles, Musk said deliveries should begin within a few weeks — putting the first deliveries in February, Electrek reported.

Unfortunately, the automaker could not do so, the report stated.

During Tesla’s release of Q1 2021 financial results, the automaker noted that “the first delivery of the new Model S should begin very soon” and Musk said he believed it would be next month, which It is now in May.

The CEO said the delay had to do with making sure that the new battery pack in the updated Model S remains safe.

The report said that delivery of new Model S and Model X vehicles in May was also not on the card.


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