Tesla Model S Plaid breaks world’s fastest electric car record

Tesla Motors has managed to capture the attention of automobile enthusiasts over time with unprecedented technologies in electric cars.

This time around, the automaker has grabbed attention as it has officially stated that the Tesla Model S Plaid car has clocked 9.23 seconds to achieve the top speed of 249.5 kmph.

The development comes days after American television host and comedian Jay Leno said he saw the Model S Plaid reach a top speed of 244.9 kmph in a time limit of 9.24 seconds.

However, acceleration tests conducted by Tesla found the Model S Plaid to be faster than Jay Leno claimed.

Earlier, Tesla CEO Elon Musk compared the Model S Plaid to a spaceship. Elon had also mentioned that the deliveries of the car had been extended till June 10.

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The Model S Plaid claims to achieve 0-60 mph in 1.99 seconds, while the top speed achieved by the car is 200 mph. The peak power achieved by the car is 1,020 hp.

The interiors of the car feature a 17-inch cinematic display and offer connectivity features like multi-device Bluetooth, wireless and USB-C charging for smartphones, tablets and laptops.

In terms of audio, the car gets a 22-speaker, 960 watt system with active noise cancellation.


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