The importance of sport in health care for adults and children

The human body needs to do some exercise daily, to obtain a healthy and healthy body in addition to a healthy mind capable of practicing its daily professional, study, and life activities to the fullest, and there are different types of sport, the simplest of which is walking for half an hour or more a day, and sports have many Of the benefits that we will know about in this article.

Improving mood and increasing self-confidence

The activity of the body enhances the brain’s secretion of chemicals responsible for feeling happy, and this includes all kinds of sports, whether jogging or sports that are practiced in clubs. Individuals’ regularity in playing sports forms a positive self-image for them, as it increases their endurance skills and strength, which reflects positively on their self-confidence.

Reducing stress and depression

Exercising helps reduce the level of the anxiety hormone in the body, increases the secretion of the endorphins hormone, which is responsible for improving mood, and enhances the feeling of happiness once the performance of exercises is completed, and physical activity promotes the reduction of daily life stressors, as it keeps people away from negative and depressing thoughts.

Improve sleep quality

Exercise helps improve sleep quality, as it contributes to accelerating sleep, in addition, that it promotes the body’s access to deep sleep, which is reflected in the activity of the body the next day, as the mood and mental processes improve, and on the other hand, the evening sport, which precedes Sleeping hours are very useful for relaxing the body and preparing it for sleep.

Maintain a healthy heart

Exercising helps reduce blood pressure regularly for 13 hours after completing training so that the level of systolic blood pressure in the body decreases by an average of 5-8 points, and it is recommended to do moderate levels of exercise for 150 minutes a week, and play for at least ten minutes a day. As a professor of medicine at Harvard University, Dr. Aimin Lee, points out, exercise is one of the factors that protect against the dangers of cardiovascular diseases, because it increases the body’s response to the insulin responsible for controlling the level of sugar in the blood.

Protection from stroke

Studies indicate that doing moderate exercise for half an hour a day reduces the risk of stroke by 24%, as people who are committed to these activities lose about 1000-2000 calories per week, and this is limited to the effect of caloric loss on a group of moderate-level sports such as cycling, And brisk walking, as practicing it reduces 4.5 calories/kg of body weight per hour, for example, the body loses about 2000 calories per week when playing tennis for three hours.

Benefits of sports for children

Children practice many sports activities such as swimming, tennis, and soccer, which brings many benefits to them, such as:

  • Children’s awareness of the need for collective participation.
  • Enhancing children’s sportsmanship.
  • Directing children towards the activity.
  • Creating social children.
  • Promote diligence and attendance at exercises.
  • Respect for authority, and sports laws.

Alternative activities for sports

  • Walking is one of the most enjoyable things that a person can do, as it moves the various muscles of the body, and therefore it is preferable not to use the car to reach places not far away, in addition to walking while talking on a mobile phone and while preparing meals in the kitchen.
  • Use the stairs to go up and down instead of using elevators and electric stairs.
  • Doing some household chores such as arranging bedrooms, washing clothes, gardening, planting trees and roses, and caring for them constantly.
  • You can share the car wash with the rest of the family. a
  • Have fun with the children, go out for walks with them, and share their different games with them.

Note: Exercise is practiced for several goals, which may be entertainment, fun, competition, or bodybuilding, and whatever the purpose of it, it helps build the human personality. Was the article helpful? Yes No, What is the benefits of sport to the human body?


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