These are the best cities for new homebuyers in 2021.

If you are in the market to buy a home, these cities can be just as you are looking for.

Buying a house is an aspiration for many Americans. While the economic catastrophe of COVID-19 has led to fluctuations in the performance of many real estate markets across the country by 2020, not all have declined. Inspire Report on Largest pandemic real estate city Found that between April and July 2020, monthly home sales were around 15%, indicating that healthy demand for real estate persists.

Anyone who is in the market for a new home-sweet-house knows that it is not just the house where there are factors to decide. Rather, the surrounding community and the resources it plays play an equally important role. Potential buyers want to strike where the iron is hot and find the right balance between a community with an affordable price and good schools, safe roads, and economic opportunities. The Best Cities for Inservis 2021 New Homebuyers Award recognizes communities that not only have real estate, but also have a strong commitment to support the livelihood of their residents.

Selection process for Insurys 2021 Best Cities for new homebuyers

Data scientists at the home insurance comparison site Insurify analyzed both proprietary and public data to identify the best cities for new homeowners. They evaluated US cities based on an overall score including factors Demand for real estate, level of employment, Enrollment in public school, And Driver and Pedestrian Safety.

The Insurys’ research team turned to for data on the popularity of real estate in American cities and for home price increases. Hotstar real estate markets and cities with positive trending home values ​​received higher scores. Public school enrollment statistics and the unemployment rate in each city, provided by the US Census Bureau’s most recent American Community Survey, were the defining variables in education and employment levels, respectively. Cities with high public school enrollment and low unemployment rates were assigned a higher score.

Researchers at Insurify cited its database of over 2.9 million car insurance applications to calculate citywide measures of driver and pedestrian safety. Cities were rated for failure to yield for accidental accidents, DUI, speed of tickets and violation of pedestrians. The safer the road pattern of a city, or the lower the city-wise rate of these four violations, the higher the score obtained.

Insuri 2021 Best Cities Winner for New Homebuyers Awards

Alabama: Dashmularishta

Alaska: The anchor

Arizona: Yuma

Arkansas: North rock

California: Fresno

Colorado: Colorado Springs

Connecticut: new Haven

Delaware: Dover

Florida: Pensacola

Georgia: Warner robins

airy: Honolulu

Idaho: Boiled

Illinois: Rockford

Indiana: Fort wayne

Iowa: Waterloo

Kansas: Topeka

Kentucky: Elizabeth Town

Louisiana: new Orleans

Maryland Baltimore

Massachusetts: Springfield

Michigan: Monroe

Minnesota: Rochester

Mississippi: Jackson

Missouri: Jefferson city

Montana: Billing

Nebraska: Lincoln

Nevada: Reno

new Hampshire: Nashua

new Jersey: Hammonton

new Mexico: Albuquerque

New York: Rochester

North Carolina: Burlington

North Dakota: Bismarck

Ohio: Columbus

Oklahoma: Oklahoma City

Oregon: Salem

Pennsylvania: East strodesburg

South Carolina: Colombia

South Dakota: Rapid city

Tennessee: Johnson city

Texas: Temple

Utah: Ogden

Virginia: Richmond

Washington: Spoken

West Virginia: Charleston

Wisconsin: Rekin

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Updated February 4, 2021

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