These are the best cities for singles in 2021.

Insurrias Best Cities for Singles Award Badge

There is no hurry to put a ring on it in these cities, as this is where singles are living their best lives.

Like most annual events, the cuffing season was somewhat different in the United States this past year. But who says you need a partner to thrill you? In these cities, residents are flourishing, adopting a single life.

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, but couples are not the only ones who deserve to celebrate. This year, Insurify is identifying the best city for singles across the country to independently thrive and commend their communities for having fun along the way.

Selection process for the best cities of 2021 for the single award

The data science team at Insurif, a platform to identify the best cities for singles Compare Home InsuranceData from the US Census Bureau, Numbeo and Google Trends are cited to identify the most single-friend cities. They gave higher marks to cities with criteria Proportion of unmarried adults; the cost of living, Including rent and restaurant meals; And Interest in dating apps Since 2015 these scores were then used to identify the most single-congruent city in each state.

2021 Best Cities winner of the Insurers for Singles Awards

Alabama: Birmingham

Alaska: The anchor

Arizona: Phoenix

California: Los angeles

Colorado: Denver

Connecticut: Hartford

Florida: Gainesville

Georgia: Atlanta

airy: Honolulu

Idaho: Boiled

Illinois: Chicago

Indiana: Indianapolis

Iowa: Des moines

Kansas: Wichita

Kentucky: Lexington

Louisiana: new Orleans

Main: Portland

Maryland Baltimore

Massachusetts: Boston

Michigan: Detroit

Minnesota: Minneapolis

Mississippi: Greenwood

Missouri: Kansas City

Montana: Butcher

Nebraska: Kearney

Nevada: Reno

new Hampshire: Manchester

new Jersey: Jersey city

new Mexico: Albuquerque

New York: Syracuse

North Carolina: Sharlet

North Dakota: Fargo

Ohio: Toledo

Oklahoma: Oklahoma City

Oregon: Portland

Pennsylvania: Pittsburgh

Rhode Island: Providence

South Carolina: Charleston

South Dakota: Sioux Falls

Tennessee: Knoxville

Texas: San Antonio

Utah: salt Lake City

Vermont: Burlington

Virginia: Virginia Beach

Washington: Spoken

West Virginia: Restlessness

Wisconsin: Madison

Wyoming: Reverton

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Updated February 9, 2021

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