Three Ways to Reduce Your Insurance Premiums

In today’s world, insurance premiums and related costs seem only to increase. It does not change how important it is to maintain your coverage to protect yourself, your family and your property. So as you survey the market, consider using these cost-saving measures that can reduce your premium while maintaining all your current security levels.

Get more information

Most modern cars are equipped with a variety of smart technologies that can help you gather useful information about your vehicle. These “connected” features collect data from your driving habits and vehicle maintenance needs. Understanding where and how to interpret this data can help you resolve issues quickly and repair your car before more serious and costly issues occur. They can also help you achieve higher fuel efficiency to save money at the pump.

Additionally, many companies offer incentives for good driving. If your insurer offers this type of program, they will send you a device that can quickly be connected to the information system in your car. The device will then inspect your driving habits for short periods. At the end of the test, your insurance premiums may decrease based on the data collected. In other words, if you drive safely, you may see a decrease in your monthly premium. Some companies offer a 15% discount for safe drivers.

As an additional tip, beware of your quick acceleration and hard stops as this data can affect your savings.

Explore available partnership discounts

Almost every insurer offers a range of discounts to members of different groups. Being a good student, part of an alumni association of a university, or a member of a partner organization can help you find savings. You can usually see a detailed list of these partnerships and discounts on your provider’s website.

If you think you may be eligible for savings, contact your insurance representative to apply the rebate to your account. The company will be ready to help you in this process as they look forward to building positive relationships with their customers and partners.

If you are not a member of one of these groups, you can research their membership options. Sometimes even a small donation to a non-profit organization can be discounted with your insurer.

Match plans

Finally, most people run a variety of insurance plans these days. There are some examples of car, house, and rental policies that people have. Some insurers will offer discounts to customers carrying multiple policies with the same group. So if you have multiple plans, you should research options for combining each plan with the same provider. This small change will not affect your coverage, potentially reducing your joint payment each month. If you end up switching companies, you may also qualify for a new customer bonus!

Spending time researching and learning about the features of your insurance plans can help you better understand what you are doing and where you can cut costs. Each of these options can help you save money and time. Look and be surprised how quickly your savings add up!