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QS TopUniversities Specialist revealed
By studying abroad from its annual list of the best universities in the world, as is the case in the past few years, American and British universities topped this list, which included 1000 universities in various countries of the world.
In this classification, QS adopts a methodology that includes 6 main criteria related to the quality of education, the experience of the teaching staff, and the proportion of international students.
The United States of America maintained its share in this list thanks to the presence of 157 American universities in this list, ahead of Britain, which ranked second with 84 British universities compared to 76 universities last year, which reflects the interest of British universities in improving their competitiveness, especially with the approaching exit date The country is from the European Union.

1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology

For the eighth year in a row, MIT is ranked # 1 when it comes to the best educational institutions. The Massachusetts Institute is a private research university established in 1861 in the state of Massachusetts, USA. The study programs offered by the Institute focus on engineering, technology, and information technology.
In 2016, only 8% of applicants were able to obtain a place to study at the institute, making it one of the most selective educational institutions ever.

2 Stanford University

Stanford University still maintains second place, a US research university headquartered in California near San Diego and dating back to 1885. The university’s presence near Silicon Valley has earned it a good reputation, from which the most prominent entrepreneurs in the technology sector such as Larry graduated Google co-founder Paige, Snapchat co-founder Evan Spiegel, and others.
In addition to 67 Nobel Prizes, Stanford students and alumni won 270 Olympic medals, including 139 gold.

3 Harvard University

Just as in past years, the oldest educational institution in the United States of America is still ranked third in the list of the world’s best universities. In addition to its 11 academic units spread across Boston, the university’s main center is in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
The American University runs many arts, cultural and scientific museums along with the Harvard Library, which includes more than 18 million books, manuscripts, and volumes, to be the largest academic library in the world, which made Harvard one of the richest institutions of higher education at all, as some statistics indicate its possession $ 34.5 billion in cash.

4 Oxford University

Advanced from fifth place The University of Oxford has become the best non-American university for this year as well. It is a British research university located in the English city of Oxford and has always been classified as one of the best British universities, dating back to the year 1096 to be the oldest English-speaking university at all.
Sir Stephen Hawking is the famous physicist and one of the most prominent graduates of Oxford and one of its faculty members, in addition to 27 British Prime Ministers, 30 Heads of State and Government, and about 50 Nobel Prize winners.

5 California Institute of Technology

One of the most prominent American higher education institutions and always ranked as one of the best universities in the world, the main campus is located in the US state of California, 18 kilometers from Los Angeles, and its campus area reaches 50 hectares.
The California Institute of Technology graduated 37 Nobel Prize winners and 71 recipients of the US National Medal in the fields of technology and science. Most of the faculty members are associated with gigantic institutions such as the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and NASA.
Caltech is considered one of the relatively small educational institutions in which there are less than 2,500 students, yet – despite that – one of the statistics went to the fact that the institute ranks first in America in the percentage of graduates who go to obtain a Ph.D. later.
Although its rating has declined compared to last year, the California Institute of Technology has always been ranked as one of the best higher education institutions in the United States of America.

6 Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

For the third year in a row, ETH is ranked the best educational institution outside of America and Britain and has jumped from the 10th last year to sixth place in 2020.
The establishment of this institute dates back to 1854 in Zurich at the hands of the Swiss Federal Government, and today it is directly subject to the Swiss Federal Administration for Economic Affairs, Education and Scientific Research, and has become a national center of excellence in science and technology after it has become one of the best international and European universities in the fields of engineering and technology.


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