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Bank on Yourself® Pam is a construction of Yellen and is a process of using whole life insurance to finance major purchases. Claims made by Bank on Yourself® suggest that following the program will reveal hidden money secrets planted by savvy investors and business people.

But does it work? We get a fair number of questions on the subject, and I have brought it up in the past. Today we will focus specifically on Palm’s system and discuss where it is right and where it is wrong.

What do you mean by bank yourself?

The system uses dividend-paying whole life insurance and loans to finance large purchases from these life insurance policies. This includes:

  • Buy car
  • Going on vacation
  • Pay for the renovation of a house
  • Buying house
  • Pay for college

This is not an exhaustive list.

Bank on Yourself® The system is part whole life insurance quirk and part habit forming process. The system exploits the fact that the cash value keeps increasing throughout life, earning interest and still getting dividends when you take a loan against it.

This system also requires that you follow a behavioral paradigm that results in more money being returned to your policy than you did to “finance” your purchase.

By withdrawing more money into your policy, you take a pseudo-interest payment that you “own”.

For example, suppose you want to finance a home renovation that would cost $ 20,000. You take out a $ 20,000 loan from your whole life policy and you set an interest rate on the loan that is slightly higher than the loan interest charged on the loan from the insurance company. This extra interest is paid back to your cash value through the additional rider paid.

When doing this, two things happen:

First, the cash value in your life policy increases according to the general system of whole life insurance. Second, the excess payment of cash in your policy creates a cash value balance that is basically large if you did not take the loan. Since You invest more money in the policy.

Hence Bank on Yourself® Plays a subtle mind trick to establish favorable behavior patterns for long-term savings. If you are going “different” on some major purchases, you are also going to have an additional savings paradigm such as the Pro Pro.

It’s like committing to save a dollar every time you go out and buy a lat.

Is it too good to be true?

Bank on Yourself® The system does not expose a secret world of such immense wealth potential, but introduces a new behavior and capitalizes on an old-fashioned feature of whole life insurance. In fact, you can use the convenience of whole life and skip other aspects of the program to realize the net benefits.

Conversely, you can adopt a fake interest payment policy and skip whole life insurance and … most likely … will realize a net benefit.

So at its core, it’s all Bank on your own® does. Taken to this level and practiced diligently, the system will help a great many people accumulate more wealth than they would otherwise.


There are times when Bank on Yourself® The Doctor and company themselves try to spread reality and claim that the system employs magic that you will never get. At one time, the company or its parent company trademarked the Howard-Yellen Limited Partnership-Term Spend and be rich. ™ The company was not always super clear about how someone acquired more money in their “Bank on Yourself Account” and made vague references to vague stories about famous business tycoons using the system to reach their stratospheric success Liked.

Multi-prick Bank on Yourself® Presentations often oversee this concept and there was a bad tendency to mislead potential buyers about how the entire life insurance dividend worked in relation to the loan interest paid to an insurance company.

That said, the system works in the same way that the self-help system works. It resonates with some people; Not with others. Adhering to this will lead to behaviors that help build more wealth over time. You need to adopt behaviors where a possible dispute lies.

What is an example of a Bank of Yourself® Whole Life Policy?

Bank on Yourself® It has done a remarkable job to highlight the fact that whole life insurance is a versatile product that requires careful attention to the specific needs of the buyer. The company emphasized the notion that some insurance agents truly know how to use whole life insurance Bank on Yourself®. In truth, he meant a completely mixed life policy, maximizing the cash value.

a Bank on Yourself® Whole-life policy is one that maximizes the paid-up facility of the whole-life policy and generates more cash as soon as possible. Here is an example of such a policy:

This policy carries a $ 20,000 annual premium. For many life policies, the cash value will be zero after the first year. But this policy has $ 15,709 cash value. Within the first 10 policy years, the policy has a higher cash value than the amount of premium paid, and the gap between the premium paid and the cash value increases every year thereafter.

The policy owner can take a loan against this policy at the beginning of the first policy year if she / he so desires.

The important takeaway from this example is simply that there is not a specific Bank on Yourself® Whole life policy. Instead, there is a design protocol that improves a policy for the program. That design protocol is one that increases the cash value of a whole life policy. Doing so gives the policy owner greater ability to use a life insurance contract to finance a large purchase.

Bank on Yourelf® Pros and Cons

Bank on Yourself® Establishes a disciplined approach to spending money with the commitment of saving extra money after making a large purchase. The system also highlights an important feature of whole life insurance that can deploy your dollars more efficiently when it comes to maximizing the money saved / deposited throughout your life.

In other words, the program has a track to run and most people have greater success in accomplishing most goals when they have a systematic path.


The program doesn’t actually make extra dollars out of thin air as it sometimes suggests. To execute it properly you also need to buy whole life insurance. This can be a major problem for individuals whose health prevents them from making such purchases.

It is also a system sometimes adopted half-way by life insurance agents, who only want to bring it to the point where they sell the policy. If he / she genuinely wants to help people, then “Bank on Thameswells” should design a very committed program, and not all agents are ready to take on such responsibility.

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