Where is the difference between an entrepreneur and an entrepreneur?

There is a lot of confusion between entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, that some people even use one of the two terms to describe the other. Thinking that they have the same meaning when in reality it is not the case. But before we explain the difference between an entrepreneur and a businessman, we must point out that this confusion is justified in two ways.
First: These two descriptions are really close to each other despite the existing difference between them, and secondly because the concept of entrepreneurship is still relatively recent, and therefore it is not expected that ordinary people will surround it with knowledge.
In this article, we monitor the most important features of the difference between an entrepreneur and a businessman, as follows:

The idea and goal

An entrepreneur is an ambitious person, eager to make his project successful, and rather to convert his idea into a successful project, and for this, he spends a lot of time and effort; For the sake of the success of the project itself, that is, for the success of the idea itself, even if, without a doubt, it seeks profit, but this profit is not the goal or the first requirement for him.
As for the businessman, he is an expert and seasoned person who understands the rules of the game completely and wants to work systematically to achieve profit and expansion, that is, he is driven by the desire to profit in the first place, while the entrepreneur is driven by the desire to succeed and convert the theoretical idea into a successful project.

Facing danger

In the beginning, we have to make it clear that the entrepreneur is riskier than the businessman, and he does not want to burden anyone with the result or consequences of his risks, but rather he tends to always bear the responsibility alone, not to mention that the individuals around him and willing to support him are often few in number. Entrepreneurship is like breaking through the rocks, completely at odds with the norm, so not everyone is expected to be convinced.
As for the businessman, on the other hand, he has wide groups of professionals and experts, whom he can turn to and consult with, and he does not take any risks except in a very calculated and accurate manner.

The nature of looking at the world

The businessman views the world, in general, as an opportunity, and he must seize any opportunity from this opportunity when the time becomes available for that. As for the entrepreneur; And since he is not directed by the desire to profit in the first place (as we mentioned earlier), he believes that he is responsible towards the world and that he must do his best to develop it and improve the livelihood of its members. Here, social responsibility in entrepreneurship emerges.

Defining success

There is a fundamental difference between an entrepreneur and an entrepreneur in looking at and defining success. The latter believes that success is providing the largest amount of profit for himself, his stakeholders, and his partners. As for the entrepreneur, his success is seeing his theoretical and abstract idea transformed into a realistic project. Not only that, but it also changes people’s lives for the better, and there is no objection of course to obtaining profit from As a result; He needs money to keep going.

Work practice

The entrepreneur intervenes in everything in the project: the idea, the design, the method of performance, the marketing strategy, etc., while the businessman aims to control the work in general and all the processes related to it; This is because one of them is buried with enthusiasm (the entrepreneur) while the other (the entrepreneur) is willing to accumulate wealth.


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