Why I Don’t Have Health Insurance

I loved getting health insurance when I got married, especially when my three children were born and incurred expenses. But things worsened when a minor operation was required at the age of three to fix a umbilical hernia. The effect is that instead of going into the belly button, it suggests that it was not a big deal. When presented to the insurer for payment, however, they use an excuse after not paying the bill.

It locked me up and I have not been insured since that day. However, it turns out that I don’t need it. In Australia we have Medicare, which covers everyone in need of seeing a doctor or going to a hospital. When it was first introduced everyone was fully covered, but over time it has been erased to partial cover.

But my case is different again. After my rebirth and with the strong link of the real God, the soul of the universe, it commissioned me to do certain things. As proof of this, I asked for the treatment of my sinuses, a condition I had since the age of three. It was immediately gone. When he asked me to quit my job at the age of 45 and only worked for it, the soul also told me that everything would be provided.

Over the next several years this is what has happened to the amazement of those who know me best. One of these is my eldest son who is trying to get me health insurance because of my age. He cannot understand how the soul works in my life and it is beyond his comprehension to refuse insurance on anything.

My insurance is soul and everything is dedicated to it. My point of view is that if he wants to get away from me then I can’t stop it. If, on the other hand, it is keeping me fit and healthy then why won’t I trust it? Many of my age is a condition that is not part of my position.

While many have insurance and feel safe they are usually the ones who suffer the most. Insurance companies operate on fear and trust. The only believer in my life is God, whom I serve with joy. It has removed all dangers and things of evil from around me so why do I want to take it back?