You should stay away from foods made in order to take care of your health

Badly processed foods. It is a major contributor to obesity and many diseases around the world, how do we know?

Every time people start a Western diet rich in processed foods, they get sick, here are some of the main reasons why processed foods can be harmful.

Damage to processed foods, Processed foods are high in sugar

Processed foods are usually supplied with added sugar or high fructose corn syrup. It is known that sugar, when consumed in large quantities, becomes seriously harmful.

As we all know, sugar is an “empty” calorie – it contains no essential nutrients, but a generous amount of energy.

Several studies indicate that sugar can have devastating effects on the metabolism process that exceeds its caloric content. It can lead to:

Insulin resistance, High triglycerides.

Increased levels of harmful cholesterol.
Increased accumulation of fat in the liver and abdominal cavity.
Not surprisingly, sugar consumption is closely related to some of the most important killers in the world, including heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and cancer.

Processed foods contain artificial ingredients
If you look at the ingredient label for packaged processed food, you probably have no clue about some of the ingredients.
This is because many of the ingredients in the food are not present, they are industrial chemicals that are added for multiple purposes.
A protein bar is an example of processed food, which is already marketed as a healthy, low-carb food.
In fact, it cannot be considered a healthy food, as highly processed foods contain:

  • Preservatives: chemicals that prevent food from rotting.
  • Dyes: chemicals used to give food a specific color.
  • Flavor: Chemicals that give food a specific flavor.
  • Textile materials: chemicals that give a specific texture.

Keep in mind that processed foods can contain dozens of additional chemicals that aren’t even listed on the label.
If you see “artificial flavor” in the ingredient list, this may mean that there are 10 or more additional chemicals mixed in to give the specific flavor.
Of course, most of these chemicals have been tested for safety. But given that regulatory authorities still believe sugar and vegetable oils are safe, nothing is guaranteed.

Processed foods are low in fiber

Fiber, especially soluble, and fermented, has various benefits. One of the most important ones is that it acts as a food for the good bacteria in the gut.
There is also evidence that fiber can slow down carbohydrate absorption, and help us feel better about eating fewer calories.
Soluble fiber also helps treat many cases of constipation, which is a very common problem today.
The fibers naturally present in foods are often lost during processing or removed on purpose.
Most processed foods are very low in fiber

Processed materials require less energy and digestion time

Food manufacturers want their processed food products to have a long shelf life, and to boost consumers’ food consumption.
Due to the way foods are processed, they are very easy to chew and swallow.
Most of the fiber, refined ingredients, and nutrients contained in the natural foods they come from are eliminated.
We can eat large amounts of them in a shorter period of time (more calories) and burn less energy (fewer calories) to digest them.
One study of 17 healthy men and women compared the difference in energy burning after eating a meal made of white bread and processed cheese, versus a full meal consisting of a sandwich of multi-grain bread and cheddar cheese.
Turns out, they burned twice the number of calories digesting an unprocessed meal.

Processed foods are high in trans fats

Processed foods are often high in unhealthy fats.
Several studies indicate that when people eat more of these oils, they have an increased risk of heart disease. If the fats are hydrogenated, that makes them worse and more harmful to your health.
As trans fats (trans fats) are one of the most harmful and unhealthy substances you can put in your body.


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